I holidayed to Japan in November to see the maples. Rather than once again endure the inanity of Japanese TV and CNN, I decided to spice up my evenings with some CME instead. This has the not inconsiderable added bonus of making my trip tax deductible – way to go Dr Pete!
After my recent short-lived experience as a baker on the reality TV series The Great Australian Bake Off my choice of course was easy. “Diet, obesity and eating disorders” was a bargain at $220 (inclusive of GST) with six CPD points attached.
When you choose view you can watch the lectures live exactly as they were presented to an audience of GPs in America. You can do this easily on any Windows device with a reasonably fast internet connection. Choosing download gets you the whole package to play with. If you are taking your laptop overseas you can just leave the lectures on it and watch them at your leisure. I only took my iPad, so I transferred the lectures via iTunes. They appear under movies in iTunes and in the videos app on my iPad. The lectures were great and presented in a sensible, practical way. Perfect for a busy GP!
Overall my experience with the offerings from Global Med Ed was very positive and is definitely going to be feature of future holidays and I have no hesitation in recommending it to my colleagues.
Dr Pete
Doctor Pete

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